Alight Motion Floting Lyrics Video Editing


Alight Motion Floating Lyrics Video Editing: Hello friends I am your friend Ajay and today you have brought in a very beautiful Floating lyrics video editing that we will edit from Alight Motion. So in today’s post Alight Motion Floating Lyrics Video Editing I will tell you how to edit the lyrics video and you need to follow the steps below to edit this video. 


Essential Application and steps:


  • Alight Motion Application 
  • Pixallab Application 
  • Lyrics Black Screen 
  • Background Image 
  • Frame Png 


Alight Motion Floating Lyrics Video Editing


Steps 1 


Open Pixallab Application to your mobile and add a background image and then add the frame image that is given by clicking on the +icon. 


Steps 2 


Now once again click on the +icon and add the image you want to create the video and set the image perfectly in the frame png add and back your image and save the image. 


Steps 3 


Now close pixallab and open Alight Motion on your mobile. 


Steps 4 


After you open Alight Motion, select project size 1:1 and click the Create button and add the image that was created from Pixallab by clicking on the +icon. 


Steps 5 


Click on the ‘+’ icon and add the lyrics black screen if you want to create a black screen of any other such song, you can make it with the Resso application, so make the black screen of the song that you have and take the add. 


Steps 6 


Click on the lyrics black screen layer and set the video position 739px * 579px on the right side pay the third option by going to the left side pay Moov and Transform option.


Steps 7 


Select the Lighten effect in the Blending and Opacity option by clicking on the lyrics video layer and apply the Color Dodge effect to it.


Steps 8 


Then add another black screen and process what is done in-process steps 6 and step 7 and export the video. 


Conclusion : 


So friends can edit lyrics videos very easily with all the steps above and do Alight Motion Application and a lot of beautiful video editing. I hope you will have proved to be helpful in editing my post video.

All matter 👇👇


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