How To Remove Blogger Template Footer Credit

How To Remove Blogger Template Footer Credit: Friends If you’ve also created your blog on Blogger and you’re using any Free Blogger Template there, any template you’ve used is the name of Template Designer in the Footer of the Template called Footer Credit. So guys if you want to delete this Footer Credit, how will you easily remove it without any error, How To Remove Blogger Template Footer Credit

Friends If you have tried to remove Footer Credit and if you are coming to remove someone, you will be able to remove Footer Credit very easily without any Error. 


How To Remove Blogger Template Footer Credit


Friends Whenever you use a Free Template on your blogger, you have the Credit of Template Designer in the Blogger Template’s Footer, which is something like this Designed with ………. Distributed by ……. This is called Footer Credit and I will tell you about how to remove the same Footer Credit, and by removing this Footer Credit you can give your blog the look of a Professional Website and you can add a credit to your website in this place. 

To remove footer Credit you’ll need an HTML code that you’ve given in the box below, copy the code and remove the URL of my website in this code and add the URL of your website and add your website name to the place where my website is named and then follow the next process step by step.

How To Remove Blogger Template Footer Credit Step By Step :

Steps 1 

Open your Blogger Dashboard


Steps 2 

Go to Blogger’s Theme and click Edit HTML


Steps 3 

Open your website’s Home Page and copy footer credit’s first word by going to Footer


Steps 4 

Re-edit HTML and press Control+F by clicking anywhere on the Theme box so that the search box will open. Now you have to paste the first-word copy of the credit in this Search Box and enter press it will give you the copyright area

Steps 5 

You’ll see a code above the copyright area here that will be like this: <div class=”container raw” > click next to it and press Enter. 


Steps 6 

Then Past the code that you have made at the bottom of the <div class=”container raw” > that you have copied the URL of your website in the code.


Steps 7 

After you have the code passed, you have to write down the code </div>. After writing </div>, if the code color becomes green, you have put the code right and if the color is red, you may have made a mistake. 


Steps 8 

If there is a green color code, click Save Theme and your theme will be saved in a short while and Footer Credit will also be removed. 


Conclusion :

So friends today’s post of How To Remove Blogger Template Footer Credit I told you how you can remove Footer Credit from your Blogger Template, hoping you would have helped me post and if you have any questions about your post, you can ask me to comment.

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