How To Make Resso Lyrics Black Screen

How To Make Resso Lyrics Black Screen: Friends like to edit videos everyone likes, and at the same time, everyone likes to write the lyrics in the video, but writing those lyrics is a very hard task, and a lot of time is wasted, so in today’s post I am going to tell you a very easy way to add lyrics to the video so that you have to write songs and add to the video. will go. 

Friends, here I’m talking about Resso Lyrics, and friends you can make it very easily from The Lyrics Resso Application.

Application and steps required to make Resso Lyrics Black Screen :


  • Resso Application 
  • AZ Screen Recorder 
  • Black Image 


How To Make Resso Lyrics Black Screen


Friends Resso Application is an Online Song Player so you can listen to any song online. Also, when you listen to online songs, you see Floating Lyrics on the screen as the song rings, and if you want to add similar lyrics to any video, you can add it very easily and the easiest way to add it is that I am going to tell you in this article today. So first install the Resso Application to make the lyrics black screen and follow all the steps below.

Steps 1 

Open Resso Application on your mobile and you have to keep your data on. 


Steps 2 

Now here you will also find a lot of categories from which you select which category song you want to hear and click on the song name. 


Steps 3 

Now as soon as the song is ringing, you will also see the songs of the song on the screen. To make a video of these lines, you need to add a black image to this song and click the option of Vibe on the right side for the black image. 


Steps 4 

Click Add Vibe and add a black image and click on the Save button. 


Steps 5 

You don’t get an option to save the video here, but if you record the screen, your video will be created. So install Az Screen Recorder.


Steps 6 

After installing the Az screen Application, play the song in the Resso App and also play the part of the song that you want to make a black screen and record your Mobile Screen, and your Resso Lyrics Black Screen will be created. 

So friends you can also listen to songs online from the Resso Application and also read the lyrics of that song, and you can also create Resso Lyrics Black Screen in the way I explained in this post.

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