Two-line Shayari video Tutorial

Two-line Shayari video Tutorial: Hello friends, welcome all of you once again to our blog. Today we are going to teach you to make a very beautiful Shayari status video.

So as we told today’s article is based on Two-line Shayari video tutorial Shayari status video. If you want to upload a Shayari status video on your social media account, then in this article you will get information about it.

Although it is very easy to make this type of video, you may have never made a video before, so you may be a little confused.

Two-line Shayari video Tutorial

But after reading this article Two-line Shayari video tutorial completely, you will not have any problem.

So before starting today’s article Two-Line Shayari Video Tutorial, let us tell you that before editing this video you will need some application and material.

So they give information about what are the applications and materials.

Two-line Shayari video tutorial: Application and material required to make a video.

  • PixalLab Application
  • Alight Motion Application
  • Two lines png
  • Frame image

Two-line Shayari video tutorial: Step by Step.

Two-line Shayari video Tutorial

Step 1 We have to make Shayari PNG before making video, for this you have to open PixalLab Application.

Steps 2 Now by clicking on New Text, go to the font option and select whatever font you like.

Steps 3 Now write whatever poetry you want to write and go to the color option and select any two different colors.

Steps 4 Now save the image by making the background transparent.

Steps 5 Now open the Alight Motion Application and import your image.

Steps 6 After that import the frame image.

Step 7 Now import the Shayari image that you have created, and set it at the bottom of the frame.

Steps 8 Now finally set the two line image below in this project. After that you export this video.

So I hope you all liked today’s article Two-Line Shayari Video Tutorial. If you have any question or suggestion related to this article, then do let us know by commenting.

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