Good Night Avee Player Template

Good Night Avee Player Template: Friends my name is Ajay and all of you are once again welcome to our blog. Friends Today I brought you all the Good Night Avee Player Template which is a very awesome template. Friends, we all wish our friends and relatives good, and if you wish this kind of Good Night Template, your friend will be very happy. So let me tell you how to edit this template. Although I have given you the full template here, you have to do some settings here that I have given step by step below. 

Application and settings required for Good Night Template :


  • Avee Player 
  • Template 


Good Night Avee Player Template settings 


Steps 1 

You have to open Avee Player on your mobile and load the Good Night Template. 

Steps 2 

Click on the pencil icon and click on the image below the bar on the left side of composition 1 and transparency the image mask mode.

Steps 3 

Click on the image above the text below the left side of the Audio Provider and click on the image on the right side and add the Total Time effect to Measure What.

Steps 4 

Go back and go to the second image after the Left Side Blur Effect and set the scale of the image to 1.000 in the right side general.

Steps 5 

Go back and click on the image above this image and go to the general and make the image visible.

Steps 6 

Set the position of rgbspliteeffect to 0.500.

Steps 7 

Now image the image in which the frame is written on the left side and click on the blur effect on the right side and turn off the Blur Enable of this image.

With this, your Good Night Avee Player Template will be ready, then select the song you want to export the video and export the video.
Step 8
Click on the save icon to export the video and export the video to 720*1280.
Conclusion :
So friends with the steps above you can edit the Good Night video from Avee Player very easily and you can create a lot more similar template from Avee Player and if you want to add your image, you can also add it, hoping you would have liked my post today.

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