Alight Motion Drawing Text Animation Video Editing


Alight Motion Drawing Text Animation Video Editing: Hi, Guys welcome you all on our blog and in your friend Ajay Spot, another new post with a post of Alight Motion Drawing Text Animation Video Editing. Friends in this post I will teach you how to edit Drawing Text Animation videos, so let’s start. 
Friends today’s post is related to Alight Motion Editing as you all know you can create a text Animation video of Tahar in a lot from Alight Motion, so today I will tell you how to create a Text animation video from the same I Step By Step. 
Steps and Applications required to edit videos :
  • Alight Motion Application 
  • Couple Background Image 
  • Moon Video Black Screen 

Alight Motion Drawing Text Animation Video Editing


Steps 1 

Open Alight Motion on your mobile and select project size 4:5 ratio and create a project. 


Steps 2
Click on the ‘+’ icon to add the Couple Background image to the project and make the video length 30 seconds.

Steps 3 

Click on the ‘+ ‘ icon and add the song you want to edit the video on the audio option. 


Steps 4 

Play the project video and after listening to the song, click on the start point and click on the third option on the right side by clicking ‘+’ which will be written text and write the song that is at the lines and select Wildy San Fonts with the text change option above and white the Font color. 




Steps 5 

Now click on the lyrics layer before the lyrics you have added and go to the effect option below the right side and add the Drawing Prosses effect. After adding the effect, click on the Left Side Diamond icon after the effect comes to the start position of the Lyrics layer and click on the Diamond icon, stop the lines slightly ahead of the last position and 0.00 the End option and then go to the last point and make end option 100. 


Steps 6 

Now click On Effect to add another effect to Lyrics and add the Random Displacement effect to Move/Transform and come to the start point of the lyrics and apply Evolution to 0.01 in the effect and click on the Diamond icon to go to the last point of the lyrics and go to Evolution 3.00.
Steps 7
Now click on the left side 3 dots and copy the Effect and paste this effect in all the lines layer you have added and select the color of the color you want to give in the color option of all the lines.

Steps 8 

Click on the start point on the start point in the project and add the Moon black screen video and select the Screen effect in lighten option in blending Opacity Option and set the video correctly. 


Steps 9 

Export the video by clicking on the export button. 


Conclusion :

Friends, I hope you have liked this Drawing Text Animation Video Editing today and have liked the comments and follow our blog to read more such video editing posts. Thank You.

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