Coming Soon Ganpati Status Editing | Learn Editing

Coming Soon Ganpati Status Editing | Learn Editing: Friends welcome you all to another in our new article. Friends all of you will be eagerly waiting for Ganapati’s arrival. Soon our beloved Lord Ganapati is going to be among us. He says, “Coming soon in English.” So our Ganapati is also coming among us very soon meaning coming soon. So I wondered why not make a video in which we write Ganpati Coming Soon and create shake effect status with a very amazing song.

Well, the song is very popular and is running very much, especially today. And the opportunity is also, so thought that a very amazing Ganpati coming soon status video is edited on the same song. And I know you all like editing a lot, so today’s article is going to make a very brilliant video of Coming Soon Ganpati Status Editing Ganapati.

Coming Soon Ganpati Status Editing | Learn Editing

So if you also want to make Coming Soon Ganpati Status, do read today’s article in full and follow all the steps you knew in whatever step to make this video. Well, today’s video is going to be much easier. Now everyone knows that whenever we edit a video with the Kinemaster application, it is very easy. Because everyone understands how to run Kinemaster, it doesn’t have much difficulty editing videos.

So you must have understood that this editing video of ours today is going to be on top of the Kinemaster.

Now, most people have the Kinemaster application on their mobile, but if you are editing videos for the first time and don’t have this application, go to the play store and install it from there for free.

After installing the application, you will also need the initial text that is written in the song’s coming song to edit this video, either the date written, the video you have. So the video that I have prepared in full has been given to you so that you don’t waste much time and anyway some people who are new could have had a little difficulty editing this video for editing, so I have done it completely editing what you will get at the end of this article.

Coming Soon Ganpati Status Editing | Learn Editing

Coming Soon Ganpati Status Editing | Learn Editing: Essential Steps:

  • Kinemaster Application
  • Coming Soon Video
  • Ganpati Images

Coming Soon Ganpati Status Editing | Learn Editing: Topic Covered:

  • Kinemaster Video Editor
  • Ganpati Status
  • Status Editing
  • Learn Editing
  • Ganesh Chaturthi Status Editing
  • Shake Effect Video Editing
Coming Soon Ganpati Status Editing | Learn Editing: Step By Step:

So now open the application on your mobile phone and then follow all the staff below whatever step I tell you.

Steps 1
First, open the Kinemaster application on your mobile phone, set the ratio of 4:5 after opening.

Steps 2
Then you have to import the video that I have given in this project first with coming soon.

Steps 3
After importing the video, you will see a symbol of the setting sesame meaning on the left side you will see the option of a setting. Click the settings option that you have.

Steps 4
Now you will find the editing option in one last here. Click on the editing option to go to image editing and make the length of the image that is the default land 0.6. Then here you will find the account setting that says Fill Screen you have to click on that fill screen.

Steps 5
Then you now have to import some Ganpati photos into this project, such as the length of the video, add as many photos as it is 18 seconds long.

Steps 6
Now add as many Ganpati photos as you can and you have to add one graphic to all the photos.

Steps 7
So click on for photo to add graphics Click on clip graphics and where you will get a Clip Graphics in animation. If your coin master doesn’t have these clip graphics, you’ll see a store option on the top, click there and install the animation one from there you’ll get a lot of clip graphics from there.

Steps 8
This clip graphics is to put the same click with the brain all the Ganpati photos you have added after it is installed in your Kinemaster.

Steps 9
Then, when it starts, you have to click on the audio option and import the song I have given you to this project.
With this, your video will be ready, once you play the video and watch the preview, export the video if it is made perfectly.

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So friends, in our article Coming Soon Ganpati Status Editing today, I have taught you to make coming soon Ganapati status videos with a very popular song. If you have any questions related to this article, or if you have suggestions, please comment and tell us.

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