Shake Effect Ganpati Status Tutorial | Learn Editing

Shake Effect Ganpati Status Tutorial | Learn Editing: Hello, friends welcome you all to a new article of ours. Friends, Today we are going to teach you to create a very amazing 3D Shake Effect Ganpati status through this article. Friends, I have already inserted some articles in which I have taught you how to create Ganpati status, but because there is less article on top of it as most people have to make videos in different ways. Because this festival is something people feel like making as many different videos as possible for their beloved Lord Ganapati.

So I wondered why not bring another article in which I would teach you how to make some different status videos. In which we will also show Lord Shiva and Parvati in this video. So let’s talk about today’s article, through our article Shake Effect Ganpati Status Tutorial today, we are going to make a slightly different kind of video.

Shake Effect Ganpati Status Tutorial | Learn Editing

Friends, in this, we make some videos like Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati standing in one place and from there they are watching, and there will be some 3D effects and in the meantime, you got to see a photo of Ganpati. Now the photo that will be there will change along with the song beat, and it will be seen again. So this video of us today will be amazing. So how to make this video I will tell you to step by step below. So all the steps I tell you and follow all the steps. You will also need some material to make this video which you will find at the end of this post. So let’s start our article Shake Effect Ganpati Status Tutorial today, not losing much time.

Shake Effect Ganpati Status Tutorial: Essential Steps:

  • Alight Motion Application
  • Beat mark Project
  • Shake Effect Project
  • Dust Video
  • Shankar Parvati Image

Shake Effect Ganpati Status Tutorial: Topic Covered:

  • Ganpati Status Editing
  • Learn Editing
  • Status Editing
  • Alight Motion Video Editing
  • Shake Effect Editing
Shake Effect Ganpati Status Tutorial: Step By Step:
Shake Effect Ganpati Status Tutorial | Learn Editing

Steps 1
First, you need some of my materials to make this video, go to the end of this article, take the material from there and then first import both the two XML presets I have given in your Alight Motion.

Steps 2
Now first go to the beat mark reset and import the song I have given you by clicking the plus icon in it.

Steps 3
Now import as many beat marks as there are in this project and mix it with all the beat marks.

Steps 4
Add dust video to this project Move And Transform go-to option go to rotation and do 90 degrees, then come back and go to Blending Opacity option after back and select screen in lighten.

Steps 5
Add Shankar Parvati Image to this project and move the length of the photo to the endpoint of the video, then click the image layer.

Steps 6
You have to go to the Move And Transform option Click on the game option and then click on the left side button now you have to stay on this layer and go to the part between the videos.

Steps 7
Which Scell is to be increased by the image layer after coming here? After increasing the Scell, you have to come to the endpoint of this project and reduce its scale again.

Steps 8
Now you have to come out of this project and go to the project that is shaking effect. I have given three different images and three different shake effects on it. Now copy Effect from whatever Sheikh effect you like and paste it in your Ganpati image.
Steps 9
If you put all the Effects correctly according to the Beat that comes Beat in your way, your video will be very amazing. So after copying the effect to all the images, your video will become completely complete. Now export the video.

So friends, through our article Shake Effect Ganpati Status Tutorial today, I have taught you to make a very amazing Ganpati status video. I hope you all liked my video. If you like this video article, please comment and tell us if you have any questions related to this article or suggestions, please comment and share this article with your friend and relative.

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All Materials.

You can Use These Materials For Practice Propose Only Of This Tutorial.

Beat Mark XML Preset.

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Shake Effect XML Preset.

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Image and Song.

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