Aayo Re Shubh Din Birthday Status Editing | Learn Editing

Aayo Re Shubh Din Birthday Status Editing | Learn Editing: Friends welcome to all of you on our blog. Friends, Through our article Aayo Re Shubh Din Birthday Status Editing today, I am going to teach you to make birthday status videos on a very trending song. Friends The song is going viral on Instagram Real right now and the lyrics of the song are something you can make anyone’s birthday video on top of.

So after listening to this song, I have this question in my mind as to why not make a video on it. So I started at my job and made a very amazing Shake Effect birthday video.

Aayo Re Shubh Din Birthday Status Editing | Learn Editing

So now because I have posted a lot of birthday videos articles on my blog. I have received a lot of love from all of you on all the articles of birthday videos I have posted on my own blog. So that’s why you all know that Today I teach you how to make a very wonderful birthday video, I bring articles from time to time. So let’s start this article Aayo Re Shubh Din Birthday Status Editing of ours today, not losing much time now.

Before I start the article, Let me give you some information about which application we are going to make today’s video. So you’re going to need the Alight Motion application to make this video today, as well as some of my materials that you’ll find at the end of this article.
By the way, all of you will have the Alight Motion application on your mobile. And if not, you can easily install it from the Play Store, so if you don’t have it, go to the Play Store and install the Alight Motion. After installing the app, follow all the steps I tell you in this article.

Aayo Re Shubh Din Birthday Status Editing | Learn Editing

Aayo Re Shubh Din Birthday Status Editing | Learn Editing: Essential Steps:

  • Alight Motion Application
  • XML Preset
  • Audio Song
  • Light Png

Aayo Re Shubh Din Birthday Status Editing | Learn Editing: Topic Covered:

  • Alight Motion Editing
  • Birthday Status Editing
  • Birthday Status For Sister
  • Birthday Video Editing
  • Birthday Video Maker
Aayo Re Shubh Din Birthday Status Editing | Learn Editing: step by step:

Steps 1
First, open the Alight Motion Application on your mobile phone, and open a new Empty project with a ratio of 4:5 after opening.

Steps 2
Now you have to import the XML preset I have given in your Alight Motion which article you must have got at the end of which article.

Steps 3
Now go to the project that XML Preset.

Steps 4
Now, first of all, you have to edit the date of your birthday in this project, because everyone’s birthday does not come on the same date that I have put you there.

Steps 5
So click on the group layer that is the date group. As soon as you click on that player you will see the edit group option below. Click the option with the Edit group.

Steps 6
Now as you click on it, you will find two different layers. One of them will be the date and the other will be late for the month. So whatever date is either month for the one you are making a birthday video for, write it here and then click on the back button.

Steps 7
Now you have to come to the point under this project, click the plus icon, and add the audio sound That I have given.

Steps 8
Now that the text line is over, you will see some Beat, Mark. You have to add as many photos as you Beat Mark there.

Steps 9
Now that you have to Shake Effect all photos, click on the layer in this project that I have given an image, click on the effect and Effect copy. Effect copy and Back from there, then go to all the images you have added to this project and get past effects.

Steps 10
Now you have to add an image of a light effect between the two lines that come here. So to add a light effect image, first go to the line where you meet the line that comes in, plus click on What’s Less Add image and go to the Moov And Transform option and Slide the image from left to right side.

Steps 11
Layer this layer and make a paste in both the lines with text that come up twice.

At the same time, this video of yours will be ready, if you want, take a preview of the video and export the video if it is perfectly made.

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Friends, this was our article Aayo Re Shubh Din Birthday Status Editing in which I have taught you to make birthday videos on a very trending song and I will continue to bring similar birthday articles. I hope you all liked our article today. If you have any questions related to this article, either suggest it, please comment and tell us.

All Materials.

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