How To Add Internal Links Within Blogger Post


How To Add Internal Links Within Blogger Post: Internal Linking in Blogger posts is a part of SEO. If you also write blogger posts and don’t do Internal Linking in Post, you’re making a mistake. So today’s post will tell you How To Add Internal Links Within Blogger Post how you will do internal linking in your Blogger post.
Before I explain how to do Internal Linking in blogger posts, I’ll want to tell you some benefits of internal linking.

Advantages of Blogger Post Internal Linking:

Talking about the benefits of Blogger Post Internal Linking, the biggest advantage is that whatever posts you post are not indexing in Google or Bing, you can index your new post very quickly by an internal link to that post.
If you internally linking blogger posts, you can increase traffic in your new post, such as if an old post you have gone viral or a post that has been indexed, you internally link a post in the same Topic whenever someone comes to the post when you click on the link you’ve given a link to the post If that visiter will redirect to your second post and increase your Post Traffic.
So let’s tell you now how to do Internal Links in Blogger Post.

How To Add Internal Links Within Blogger Post

Steps 1
To do Internal Linking in Blogger posts, you first need to see which of your posts have been indexed in Google.
Steps 2 
Then open the post that you’ve published in the blogger dashboard and open this post and copy the link to the post.
Steps 3
After copying the post link, you need to open the post that has been indexed in Google or Bing.
Steps 4 
Now you have to click where you want to do internal linking in the post and click the link option above and paste the link that was copied here and above you have to write the Post title and apply it.
Steps 5
After applying, you need to update the post so that your post will be internally linking.
Conclusion :
In today’s post How To Add Internal Links Within Blogger Post, I have told you about the advantages of internal linking, hoping you would have liked this post.
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