How To Get Google To Blogger Post Index Fast

How To Get Google To Blogger Post Index Fast: Today’s posts are going to be very helpful to you to index your blogger post to Google. Through this post, I’m going to give you some very effective tips to index blogger posts in Google, which you’ll be able to follow to index your blogger post very easily and quickly in Google.

How To Get Google To Blogger Post Index Fast

1 . Submit Your Site On Google Search Console: If you’ve just created your site and haven’t yet submitted your site to Google Search Console. So first submit your website to Google Search Console and wait for a few days because it takes a while to submit a fresh site whenever you submit it to Google Search Console.
2 . Submit Sitemap Regularly: If you’ve already submitted your site to Search Console, you must generate your website’s sitemap and submit it to your website and then to Google Search Console, and update the sitemap whenever you publish a new post on your website. Regularly updating Sitemap can also quickly get your posts to Google Index.
3 . Inspect Your Post URL and Request for Index: Whenever you publish a new post, after publishing that post, you must inspect the URL of the Post in Google Search Console that your posts are online in Google, if the Post URL is not Online, you will receive the Request Index Button from there.
4 . Internal linking of your new Blogger Post: Internal Linking Blogger is a very effective way to index Post quickly. If you also publish a new post in the post you’ve published on your site, copy and paste a link to the Post in your old post that has been indexed in Google, so that you can also index the link you’re in the post whenever You Update Google Bots post.
5 . Ping Your Blogger Post URL In Pingomatic :You can also use the Ping website to index blogger posts. Although you’ll find a lot of Ping websites where you can submit your posts, Pingomatic and Pingler are very good and Trusted websites in which you can submit your post and quickly index the post to Google.
How To Get Google To Blogger Post Index Fast


Conclusion: In today’s Post How To Get Google To Blogger Post Index Fast, I’ve told you 5 best ways to index website posts to Google that can help you easily index your website posts to Google. I hope that my post today will prove to be a great help to you.

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