How To Connect CCTV Camera To Mobile


How To Connect CCTV Camera To Mobile: If you have a CCTV Camera in your home or office and you stay away from that place and want you to see the place away, our post today can prove to be a great help. You have installed CCTV cameras in your office and you stay away from your office and you are worried about how to monitor your workers, so after reading this post today, you are going to get away because in today’s post How To Connect CCTV Camera To Mobile I will tell you how you can connect your CCTV camera to your mobile and watch Live Footage anywhere.
Internet Connection is required:
First of all, you’ll need an internet connection to see CCTV’s Live Footage Mobile, both on your mobile and where CCTV is installed. On mobile, everyone has Internet data, but you need to have CCTV Camera, if there is no Internet Connection, you can get WIFi that is very economical now.

How To Connect CCTV Camera To Mobile

Follow the steps below to connect CCTV Camera to mobile:
Steps 1
First, connect the DVR to the data cable from the wifi router.
Steps 2
After connecting the DVR with wifi, you now have to come to your CCTV Dashboard and go to the Network option in the setting, nowhere you have to look at the P2P Setting where you will see Network Status Offline make it online.
Steps 3 
To make DVR online, you need to click the TCP/IP option on the top of the network and select the DHCP option and save it by Apply.
Steps 4 
Now once you have to click on Network, nowhere you can see TCP/IP change, now you can click here on Static and apply and save.
Steps 5
Now you have to open the Play Store in Mobile for the mobile you need to connect with CCTV Camera and install gDMSS Lite Application.
Steps 6 
After installing the application, open the Application, and select the Camera option and click on the left side on the top three line option.
Steps 7
Click Device Manager and click on the “+” icon on the Right Side, then select P2P.
Steps 8
Now open the P2P Setting in CCTV Camera settings and click the SN option on your mobile so that the mobile camera will open now scan the QR Code you see on your TV screen.
Steps 9 
Now you have to enter User Name and Password on mobile and click on Start Live Button and your CCTV camera will connect with your mobile.
Conclusion :
By following the steps mentioned above, you can stay at any place at your home or office where you have CCTV Camera installed in your mobile live Footage. You may have liked this post of Today How To Connect CCTV Camera to Mobile, and if you have any questions about the post, make a comment.
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