Attitude Shayari Video Editing

Attitude Shayari Video Editing: Welcome friends to all of you on our blog and in today’s Attitude Shayri Video Editing post I will teach you how to edit Shayari status video. So friends now Shayari status video is running in a lot of trends and you also want to edit Shayari status video with your image, today’s post is for you.

Essential Application and Steps for Shayri Video Editing:

  • Kinemaster Application 
  • Shayari Image Png 
  • Black Screen Video 

The background of the image you want to create a video before editing the video will be removed and the easiest way to remove the background is from the Remove Bg website. To remove the background of your image from the Remove Bg website and then follow all the steps below. 

Attitude Shayari Video Editing

Steps 1 

Open Kinemaster on your mobile and select Project Size 16:9. 


Steps 2 

Click in the background folder and select the White color background. 


Steps 3 

Now add the image of the image that has been removed from the project. 


Steps 4 

Click on the image layer and make the image duplicate by clicking on the left side of 3 dots and clicking on the Duplicate image layer to increase the image size slightly and click on 3 dots to back sent to back. 


Steps 5 

Click on the image layer that is sent to the image and goes to the Opacity option on the right side and make Opacity 55 %


Steps 6

Now add Shayari Png to the project and then add the black screen video and go to the blending option by clicking on the black screen layer and add the screen effect. 


Steps 7 

Click on the white background and turn the background into 4 parts of two seconds and click the scissors to part on the background and split at Playhead. 


Steps 8 

Now add the effect to the four parts of the background, click on the background to add the effect and click on the right side on the clip graphics and add an effect of 3 or 4 numbers in the lightsldar effect.


Steps 9 

Open a new 16:9 ratio project by exporting the video and add the video that you just export to the project. 


Steps 10 

Click on the video layer and add 4 numbers of effects by clicking on clip graphics and export the video


Conclusion :

So friends with the steps mentioned above, you can easily make Attitude Shayri Video Editing with your image that is still very trendy and people are also very fond of making.


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