Kinemaster Birthday Video Editing


Kinemaster Birthday Video Editing: So how can you be all right if you hope friends? I will teach you to edit the Birthday video in today’s post-Kinemaster Birthday Video Editing with a new post, so if you also want to edit a birthday video for a friend, this post will help you a lot. 


Application and steps required to edit Birthday videos :


  • Kinemaster Application 
  • Background Image 
  • Birthday Bash Green Screen 
  • Particles Black Screen 


Kinemaster Birthday Video Editing


Steps 1 

First of all, the background of the image you want to edit the video will be Erase, so the easiest way to remove the background is from the Remove Bg website, remove the background of the image from the Remove Bg website.

Steps 2 

Open the kinemaster Application on your mobile and select background size 1;1 and select white background to make the video length 30 seconds. 


Steps 3 

Now you’ll have to add a background image to the project, click Layer pay to add the image, and drag the image forward for 30 seconds by adding the background image. 




Steps 4 

Now click on the layer to add the effect of the shadow to the video and select Basic Effect by clicking on FX pay and add it to the entire frame and tap the backcourt image and click on the left side 3 dots to make the duplicate layer of the image and make one layer bright to front

Steps 5 

Then add the image that has been removed from the background and set it slightly as shown in the thumbnail. 


Steps 6 

Now add the parts black screen to the project and select the screen effect on the right side blending option by clicking on the video layer after the video add. 


Steps 7 

Add the birthday bash green screen video and enable the chroma key by clicking the video layer and select the key color green and set the video. 


Steps 8 

Add the song to the video click on the audio to add the song and select whatever song you want and export the video.

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