Amazon Affiliate Program India: How to Join

Amazon Affiliate Program India: How to Join: Hello friends, Amazon Affiliate Program India this article today: In How to Join we are going to talk about Amazon Affiliate Program. Friends, Through today’s article, I am going to give you full information about it and also about how you can join it. So you will definitely like this article of ours today. So let’s start today’s article Amazon Affiliate Program India: How to Join.

Amazon Affiliate Program India

Friends, everyone wants to Online Earning today. In such a situation, Amazon Affiliate Program India is also a very good source of Online Earning. So even if you are looking for a better source of Online Earning, you must join Amazon Affiliate Program India. Now if you don’t know much about it, you don’t have to worry because I’m going to give you full details about Amazon Affiliate Program India.

Amazon Affiliate Program India: How to Join

Amazon Affiliate Program India: What is Amazon Affiliate Program India?

So, friends, you must be aware of all the Amazon from where we can all Buy any product. Now you can also make money by selling the product of the same Amazon.

So if we talk in easy language, amazon will Amazon Affiliate Program India give you some commission to sell any product on Amazon. Now you have to join Amazon to get a commission on selling the product.

But there are some Term And Conditions that you have to Follow. You will find Terms And Conditions on its site which you will definitely read well before joining Amazon Affiliate Program India.

You also need to have a website to join it. You cannot get approval for this without a website. So if you don’t have a site, first create a site and make some traffic to your site.

  • Also, your site should broadcast at least 500 total minutes in the last 30 days.
  • Also, in the last 30 days, at least 7 posts should be Published either if there are YouTube channels.
  • On average, 3 subscribers in the last 30 days have visited or exceeded the site for the second time.
  • Your site should have at least 50 subscribers.

Because if you don’t have any traffic, who will you sell the product to?

So now I’ll tell you how you can join this.

Amazon Affiliate Program India: How to Join:

So it’s very easy to join. If you follow the Terms first, you first have to open the Official website of Amazon.
Now you have to scroll down the page and click on the option to Become an Affiliate you will see.
After that, you will get sing up page. You have to click on the sign-up there.
After that, you will open a page like a form where you have to Fill in your information which I have told you below.

  • Your Name
  • Email
  • Password

After adding so much information, you have to click on the Create Account.

This will be followed by another page open wherever you have to enter some information which is as follows.

  • Payee name
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Postal code
  • Country
  • Mobile Number

Then submit to which you will find another new page where you have to either paste the link to your site or YouTube Channel.
Then some basic information has to be filled in.

You then have to click on save. You have created your account with it and now you have to add the payment method.

So, friends, I hope you all like this article Amazon Affiliate Program India: How to Join. If you have any questions related to this article, please comment and tell us.

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