Ganpati 3D Slide Status Editing | Learn Editing

Ganpati 3D Slide Status Editing | Learn Editing: Friends, Welcome to all of you today I have appeared on our blog with another new Ganpati 3D Slide Status Editing post. Friends, as you all know, Ganesh Utsav is coming very soon so today in this post Ganpati 3D Slide Status Editing I am going to teach you to make a status video related to a Ganesh Utsav. And I know all of you also want to make a status video for a Ganesh Utsav for yourself.

So if you like to make some videos of this kind, you must read this post, partner, follow all the steps I mention in this post. With the help of which you will be able to make a very attractive and different type of Ganesh Utsav status video very easily.

Today’s post-Ganpati 3D Slide Status Editing a Ganesh Utsav special status editing post is going to be held.

Ganpati 3D Slide Status Editing | Learn Editing

Before you edit the video, you will need two different applications on your mobile here, the first is the PixalLab Application and the second is the Alight Motion Application. So if you don’t have both of these applications you can install them very easily from the Play Store. So first install these two applications on your mobile phone. Now, after installing the app, let me first tell you what both the applications you have to use.

So let’s first talk about the PixalLab Application, so with the help of the PixalLab Application, you have to edit the image here. So we need the PixalLab Application here to edit the image. They are then going to use the Alight Motion Application to edit the video. Alight Motion Application you all know how video editing takes place. If you don’t know, follow all the statuses of this post. You won’t have any problem you will easily create a status video with this.

So let’s start our post-Ganpati 3D Slide Status Editing today, not taking long.

Ganpati 3D Slide Status Editing | Learn Editing

Ganpati 3D Slide Status Editing | Learn Editing: Essential Steps:

  • Alight Motion Application
  • PixalLab Application
  • Tree Image
  • Ganpati Image
  • Light Effect Black Screen

Ganpati 3D Slide Status Editing | Learn Editing: Topic Covered:

  • Ganpati Status Video Editing
  • Alight Motion Video Editor
  • Status Editing
  • Learn Editing
  • 3D Video Editing
  • Slide Video Editing
Ganpati 3D Slide Status Editing | Learn Editing: Step By Step:

You will first need a photo of some Ganpati to make a status video. So if you don’t have Ganpati photos, you can download them from Google, either if you use Pinterest Application, go to Pinterest Application, search for Ganpati images in Search Bar after going to the application. You’ll get a lot of photos. Download some 10 images from there that you like.

Steps 1
Now you have to open the PixalLab Application and click on the option of three dots there to go to image size and increase the image size to 1280*200.
Steps 2
Now you have to click on the plus icon. Go to Images from Gallery and select any one of the Ganpati photos you have downloaded. After selecting the image, click the square option in the corner and click on the right button.

Steps 3
Then click on the image to go to the editing option and slide a little there and you will see an option of relative size there. Click here to make the relative size of the image 16 and set the photo to who is on one side.

Steps 4
Similarly, you have to set up your image as many images as it comes inside. After setting all the images, you have to save this image to your gallery.
Steps 5
Now you have to open the Alight Motion Application. After opening, open a new project with a ratio of 16:9.

Steps 6
Now add the song on whichever song you want to create a status on in this project. To add, you have to click on the plus icon and go to the audio option. There you will find all the songs on your mobile. Select any song you like from it, the song will be added there. After going ahead to all the seconds you want to make a video after the song is added, cut the song layer.

Steps 7
Now you have to come to the starting point of the project. After coming to the point, click on the plus icon and import the photo you made in PixalLab here.
Steps 8
Now you have to import the Ganpati image as well as tree image in this way to this project. After importing, go to Moov And Transform option and set all photos in the middle of the perfect frame.

Steps 9
Now you have to add Effect to all layers. So click on any one layer to add the effect, go to the effect after clicking on the layer, then go to the effect of move and transform after going to Add Effect and Add Effect and select Swing Effect if you get to see Swing Effect there.

Now edit the Swing Effect in the manner mentioned below.

  • Frequency: 0.42Hz
  • Angle1: 2.9
  • Angle2: -2.9

Steps 10
Now, in the same layer, you have to add the Ocsilate Effect in the same way as we added the swing effect and edit it in the same way as mentioned below.

  • Angle: 3
  • Frequency: 0.60Hz

Steps 11
Now click on the left side 3 dots option that you can see here. After clicking, if you see the copy effect option there, copy effect from there. After the copy effect, come out of this layer and go to all the other layers and go to the effect and paste the effects you have copied to the Add Effect.

Steps 12
Now you have to add the light effect black screen to this project. After adding, go to blendingOpacity and screen to lighten the effect.
With this, your status video will be ready. Now you have to watch the Preview of the video. If everything is made up of the right, the video has to be exported.

Friends, I hope you all liked our post-Ganpati 3D Slide Status Editing today. If you have any questions related to this post, either make a comment and tell us and share this post with your friend and relative.

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