Latest Valentine Day Video Status Editing

Latest Valentine Day Video Editing: Hello friends, I welcome your friend Ajay to all of you on our blog. Friends, once again, I’ve brought you a very brilliant post of Valentine’s Day Video Editing. In this article today, I will teach you to edit a very easy as well as engaging video. So let’s start the post of today’s Valentine Day Video Editing by not taking much time.

First of all, you will need some materials associated with this video editing, some of which are as follows.

  • Kinemaster Application
  • Background Video
  • splash Png

Latest Valentine Day Video Status Editing

Steps 1 
First, you need to open the Kinemaster Application on your mobile. Now select the 9: 16 ratio. First, we will create clip Graphics videos.
Steps 2 
Now you have to add some photos to this project. Click Layer Pay to add photos, then click Media On. Now you will see all the folders in your mobile gallery. Tap on the folder in which you have your images and add one of the photos.
Steps 3 
After you add photos, set all the Photos in full screen.
Steps 4
Now you have to add Clip Graphics to all photos. Click Photo pay to add Clip Graphics then click Right Side Clip Graphics and add the Best Choice Clip Graphics.
Steps 5 
Export the video after you add Clip Graphics to all photos.
Steps 6 
Now open a new 16: 9-ratio new project. Then add the background video.
Steps 7 
Now add the video that was first exported to this project. Click on the layer to add and click in the media.
Steps 8 
Add Splash Png after the video is added. Set Splash Png down in the videos.
Steps 9 
Now select the song you want to add to the video and select the song in the audio option. Then export the video.
With this, your video will be saved to your mobile gallery.
Conclusion :
So friends today, through our post-Latest Valentine Day Video Status Editing, I have taught you to edit videos in a very easy way. Hopefully, you will like this article.
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