Lyrical Video Editing In Kinemaster

Lyrical Video Editing In Kinemaster: So, guys, I have come and take a very romantic song with Very Romantic Video Editing. Friends, today will teach you how to edit the lyrical video of very romantic songs. Today you will teach video editing of Pehle Pyar Ka Pehla Ghum songs. So to make this status video you need to follow the steps below.

Steps required for Lying Up Video, Application : 

  • Kinemaster Application
  • Paper Torn Png
  • You Are My Lifeline Text Png
  • Video Song
  • Lyrics Black Screen

Lyrical Video Editing In Kinemaster

Steps 1 

Open Kinemaster Application in your mobile, select landscape ratio. Now add the video song to this project.

Steps 2 

Now you have to come to the part of this video that you like, then capture the frame. To capture any two different frames.

Steps 3 

After capturing two images, you need to come out of the project, then open a new 9: 16 ratio.

Steps 4 

In this new project, you have to first add any one background. Then add both the images that were captured in this project and set them up, down.

Steps 5

Now you have to add Paper Torn png to this project, set this png up, bottom captures the image.

Steps 6 

Now you have to add a video song to this project, trim the part of the video you like to make a 30-second video.

Steps 7

Now put the video in both the capture images, then click on the left side 3 dots option and put this video layer back.

Steps 8 

Now set up Your Lifeline Text Png in Paper Torn Png above in this project.

Steps 9 

Add the lyrics black screen to paper Torn Png below, then add the Multiply effect with the blending option.

Steps 10 

Now export the video and this will become your video.

Conclusion :

So friends can do The Same Way Video Editing very easily with the steps mentioned above. I hope you liked this article.

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