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Valentines Day Video Editing: Hello, I am your friend Ajay. Once again, you have come up with a new video editing post. Friends are going to come on Valentine’s Day very soon. We all like to make videos of our partners. Also, this Valentine’s Day if you want to edit some videos for your Boy Friend or Girl Friend, the articles are for you. Today I will teach you how to edit a very amazing Valentine’s Day video. So let’s not take much time and start today’s post.
To edit Valentine’s Day videos you’ll need the Kinemaster application as well as some Effect videos that are as follows.
Essential Applications and Steps for Valentines Day Video Editing:
  • Kinemaster Application
  • Black Parts Videos
  • Background Video
  • Green Heart Png

Valentine’s Day Video Editing

Steps 1 
Open Kinemaster Application on your mobile to edit Valentine’s videos.
Steps 2
Select full-screen ratio and add background videos.
Steps 3
Add to the Green Png project after the video is added.
Steps 4 
After you add Green Png, but the image in 3 seconds and make it a duplicate of the image by clicking on the left side 3 dots, then move the duplicate image forward. In this way, make duplicate png as many images or videos as you want to make. Then export the video.
Steps 5
Open a new Full-Screen project in kinemaster. After you add a background, you can make as many seconds of video as you first export.
Steps 6 
Add the video that was exported earlier to this project. After you add the video, click on the video layer and enable it by going to the Chroma Key option. Select Key Color Green.
Steps 7
Add your or your partner’s image to the video where the green screen effect comes in heart
Steps 8
Export the video after all the images added.
Conclusion :
So through today’s post-Valentine’s Day Video Editing, I have taught you to edit videos for Valentine’s Day. Hopefully, you would have liked this post today.
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