Avee Player All Features Explained

Avee Player All Features Explained: Hello, friends in today’s Post Avee Player All Features Explained I will give you information about all the features of Avee Player which will prove to be a great help for all your friends. So friends as you all know Avee Player is usually all used by people like a music player, but I’ll tell you many more features of this application in this post that you may not know before, so let’s start. 

Avee Player All Features Explained


You can create a spectrum Template from Avee Player. 

So, guys, you will see some music song videos in which the song rings and the video gives you a very attractive spectrum that continues to play on the beat of the song. So guys if you also want to create some spectrum videos like this, you can create a lot of Spectrum Template in Avee Player for a lot of ways, from which you can create videos and also edit spectrum templates. 

You can add your image to avee Player Template. 

Talking about the other Features of Avee Player, you can add your image to a template in Avee Player and you want to add the image to this place and click on the image that Right Side will open a Window and you will click on the image and select the image from Image Pick by going to Custom Image so that your image is added will go. 

You can customize avee Player Template. 

Friends, You can customize a Template in Avee Player accordingly and you get a lot of options to customize the template, such as you have to click on the pencil icon on the top of the template so that Left Side will open a window where you can add anything you want to add to the template by clicking the “+” icon in the last and from here you can add Extra Images Can add Bar, Particles, Composition, Audio Provider and Blure Effect. 

You can set the Position of all images and Particles in the template. 

Now if you’ve added an image or anything to the template, you can set position to your own and click on your image or anyone who has to set position and then clicks Right Side General. Now here you will find a lot of options in which you can set position with position option and with the Scale option you can set the size of the image and rotate the image with rotation option.  

Create videos from Avee Player. 

The best Features of Friends Avee Player are you can also export videos from this application and to export videos, first, you have to customize the template and then click Download Button after setting the image and then select video Width and video Heigth and export the video by setting time. 

Conclusion :

So friends in today’s post-Avee Player All Functions Explained I have briefed you about all the Functions of Avee Player, hoping you would have liked the post and if you have any questions about this post, please comment.

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