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Tab Music Player Video Editing | Rtf8: Welcome to all of you in our block and today’s article Tab Music Player is going to learn another new kind of video editing in Video Editing. As you all know, we were regularly bringing video editing posts on our blog, so if you like video editing, then you must follow our blog. So let’s talk about today’s article today.

Friends, in today’s article, we will do video editing like a tablet frame in which there will be a tablet on top of the table, the animation of music will come on that tablet as well as the different photos you have added inside the screen will be a slideshow one after the other. So this video of ours is going to be very spectacular today.

Tab Music Player Video Editing

Tab Music Player Video Editing

If you like video editing and you want to edit new types of videos, then today’s article will teach you how to do a different way of video editing. So as you must have seen in thermal, you can easily make the same video with your photo if you want to make it, So following all the steps mentioned in this article, you will be able to edit this video very easily.

Before starting the article, let me tell you that you will need an application and some of my material to edit this video. That application format English is as follows.

Tab Music Player Video Editing: The applications and materials needed to edit this video.

  • Kinemaster Application
  • Tablate Frame Image
  • Circle Green Screen
  • Song Lyrics Video
  • Particle video

Tab Music Player Video Editing: Step By Step:

Steps 1:

So first of all, you download all the material, after that as I told you, you will need an application to edit this video, if you do not have that application, then install it by going to the Play Store.

Steps 2
After installing the application, open it, after opening, you first have to select any one background image, after adding the background image to the project, you want to edit the video in as many seconds as you want to increase the length of the image.

Steps 3
Now you have to come back to start, after coming, the Table Frame Image inside this project
You have to import something and you also have to mix it with the length of the background.

Steps 4
Now you have to come out of this project and open another new one-by-one new project. Now in this project, you first have to add 5, or 6 photos of the photo you want to edit this video on.

Tab Music Player Video Editing

Steps 5
Now you have to apply clip graphics to all the photos, then click on the photo layer for that, after that there will be an option of clip graphics on the right side, go to it, there you will get to see the option of many circles, apply it to the photo or you have to apply the same clip graphics in all the photos you added.

Steps 6
Now you have to export this project, after that, you have to go to the first project you opened, after going, the video you have just exported has to be imported into it.

Steps 7
Now after importing the video, click on the frame layer that you added the frame earlier, and there you will get to see the option of the chroma key on the right side.

Steps 8
Now click on the video layer that you added and on the left side of the video you will get to see the option of 3 dots, click on it and send this video back from there.

Then set the video to the frame that is green and removed it.

Steps 9
Now add the video from the particle to this project and then go to Blending and select the screen effect.

Steps 10
Now you have to add the lyrics video to this project and set it on top of the music icon that is visible.

With this, your video is ready, once the video is played and see the preview, if it is made well, then export the video.

I hope you all liked today’s article, if you have any questions related to the article, then you must tell us by commenting.

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