What Is Bounce Rate In Google Analytics 2021


In this post What Is Bounce Rate In Google Analytics 2021 today, I will tell you what the Bounce Rate is in Google Analytics? Bounce Rate should be how much you can reduce it. If you’ve created your website or just started blogging, you need to know what Bounce Rate is and how you can reduce it if the bounce rate is high.
Do you know what Bounce Rate is? If you reduce it, it is very beneficial for your website. This gives a lot of benefit to your website’s engagement, ranking. So let’s talk now about what is Bounce Rate in Google Analytics 2021.

What Is Bounce Rate In Google Analytics 2021

Whenever a visitor arrives on your website or blog. After coming, the percentage of your website or the page of the post or the page goes by visiting it is called Bounce Rate. The more your website’s bounce rate will work, the better your website’s traffic ranking SEO is for all of them. So let’s tell you now how you can reduce your website’s bounce rate if it’s High.
If your blog has a high bounce rate, it’s not a good thing for your website. So I will give you some tips so that you can reduce the bounce rate.
  • Write High-Quality Content 
No matter how long a post you write on your website. Whether you write a post of 1000 Words or 1500 Words, the posts are not of any use if you are unable to give the most high quality. Write as much as you write in an easy language as well as answer the visitor to all the questions associated with the post title you have so that the visitor has more time on your blog page and wishes to read your second post as well.
Also, when you write an article, give all the information in the article so that your post visitor is trusted on your blog and visit your website page again and again so that your blog’s Bounce rate is low.
  • Website Speed 
Website speed for Bounce Rate also has a very high impact. You have to keep in mind that your website speeds around 90 or more than 90. Now you may be wondering how to increase the website speed so you have to use the light theme template and not use a heavy template with more coding. Also, upload any image you upload to your website in the webp version. So that your page size is not high.
The lower the page loading time of your website, the lower the Bounce rate of your website.
  • Website Design
You design your website unseemly. Try to make it as attractive as possible so that whenever a new visitor visits your website, they stay on your website for longer. Also, keep the user layout of your website’s homepage friendly. Also, keep in mind that your website page is mobile-friendly so that the mobile user also likes your website. The more unreactive your website design is, the less bounce Rate you can on your website.
  • Internal Link
The best way to reduce bounce rate is the internal link. You must add links to the old post in your new post whenever you write a new post. So whenever a visitor reads your post, if your post likes it, they will definitely click on the link to the second post in your post. It will also reach the other page of your website.
This way you can significantly reduce the bounce rate of the website by internally linking the old post in your post.
conclusion :
So guys if you also want to rank your website, understand the Bounce Rate of your website and try to keep Bounce Rate low. How to reduce the bounce rate of your website I have told you in this post, follow the steps above.
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