5 Things, You Should Do If You Lost Your Phone


5 Things, You Should Do If You Lost Your Phone: Do you know what to do first if your phone is stolen or lost? Very early years 2021 is going to start and in today’s time, everyone definitely has mobile phones. Now, the number of mobile users can increase further in the year 2021. Today’s Hi-Tech times still have many people in the world who don’t even know which steps to follow when mobile phones are stolen or lost. So in this post 5 Things, You Should Do If You Lost Your Phone will tell you what to do if your phone is lost or stolen. You must follow the 5 steps below whenever your phone is lost.

5 Things, You Should Do If You Lost Your Phone

Don’t Be Panic :
Often, whenever the phone is lost or not delayed, some of us get panic. With panic, most of us forget what we should remember. So you don’t have to panic at all to stay calm. Then you have to think about where you went last time. Where did your phone last put or where to use it?
Call On Your Phone :
Then you have to call your phone if the phone rings, it means that your phone has fallen somewhere. So you went to the place and found out that the phone had fallen. If the call is not going to ring or the phone is switched off, it means that your phone has been picked up or stolen by someone.
Blocked Sim card :
If you find out that your phone has been stolen, you have to block your SIM immediately. It is necessary to get your sim blocked because your SIM will be connected to a lot of places such as Gmail Account, Bank Account, Government Document, E-Wallet. So all of you will know that sim is a very important thing, so if your sim goes to anyone like that, they can misuse that SIM. So call-in customer care of which operator you use the SIM and get your SIM blocked.
Use Find My Device :
If you use an android phone, you need to use Find my Device. If you are an iOS user, you have to use Find My. This allows you to lock your phone or see the phone’s Last Location.
Block IMEI :
If you don’t get your phone by following the steps above, you need to block your phone’s IMEI number. If you don’t block your phone’s IMEI number, anyone can misuse your phone and you can avoid it, you must block your phone’s IMEI number so that no one can use your phone with any SIM and you can do it online. But before that, you have to go to your nearest police station and write a report on your phone being lost.
Conclusion :
So friends through this post today, I’ve mentioned 5 things that you should do immediately when your phone is lost or stolen, so you might have liked my post.
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