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Attack Movie Trailer Review | Itsrealtechfriends: Friends, if the most lacking thing for Bollywood fans is one of their Indian superheroes. So far, only one Krissh is a successful SuperHero with Indian fans. But now the story is going to change. The trailer of John Abraham’s film Attack has been released. Today we are going to review this trailer in this article Attack Movie Trailer Review.

Attack Movie Trailer Review

Friends, talking about the topic of this film, then this film is based on sky-fi topic. In this film, John Abraham will be shown as a superhuman being. Those who look exactly like ordinary human beings, but their heart and mind are of machines who just follow the order.

The most different thing about this film that is seen in the trailer is the devotion that will be seen for the first time with Sky-Fi.

Attack Movie Trailer Review

At the beginning of the trailer, Joan is shown as an ordinary man, who goes ahead and makes his body like a machine. Yes, the film patriotism means they have to do this for a mission. After all, you have to wait for the movie to see what mission they are.

In the attack movie trailer, you get to see the full action as well as some scenes that have also been shown to you romantically and family railed.

Attack Trailer Review: The good thing about the Attack Trailer Review:

The most special thing about this trailer is that it has not been shown for too long and as much as there are parts that have been shown, after watching it, everyone gets excited to see the film.

Secondly, its background music which will make you very excited.

At the same time, the story of this film looks great, but after seeing this trailer, you can’t guess at all what the story will be.

At the same time, you can’t even know why Joan has become a machine in the attack movie, to know that you have to go to see the movie.

Attack Movie Cast:

Joan Abraham

Rahul Preet Singh as Dr. Jiyaa

Prakash Raj

Ratna Pathak Shah

Attack Movie Release Date:

1 April 2022.

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