Wave Wrap Birthday Video Editing

Wave Wrap Birthday Video Editing: So how are you all guys? I hope you’ll all be great. I brought your friend Ajay, a new Wave Wrap Birthday Video Editing article for all of you. Friends, I keep posting new video editing posts on my blog. But most of you like Birthday Video Editing more. Because one of our friends or relatives comes to Birthday, we also like to create video status for them. So let’s start this post today now.

So you’ll need some of its materials for Wave Wrap Birthday Video Editing, which I’ll give you at the end of this article. After the materials, you have to follow all the steps mentioned below, which will help you to learn Wave Wrap Birthday Video Editing very easily.

Steps Required for Wave Wrap Birthday Video Editing:

  • White Green Screen
  • Background Video
  • Birthday Bash Black Screen
  • Happy Birthday Black Screen
  • Shubhachuk Png

Wave Wrap Birthday Video Editing

Steps 1 

Select the first 1: 1 ratio by open your mobile phone in Kinemaster Application.

Steps 2

Import any image to the background project, then add this project to White Green Screen.

Steps 3 

Now you have to add some images of the video you are creating.  When you add an image, make in mind that you will keep the duration of 1 image as long as the green color is open. There are green colors that have to be used to add another image by perfecting an image.

Steps 4 

Now, after adding all the images, click on one image layer of one and click on the left side 3 dots to put all the images sent back.

Steps 5

Now click White Green Screen, then enable Choma Key. Then export this video.

Steps 6

Now open a new project in Kinemaster by selecting a new 9: 16 ratio. Add Background Video to this project.

Steps 7

Now add Birthday Bash black screen to this project, select this black screen effect from the blending option. Then set upwards.

Steps 8 

Now add a happy birthday video to this project, then go to blending and add multiply effect.  Set the video to the equal middle.

Steps 9

Now add the video you created with the image to this project. Then add the Multiply effect to this video layer as well.

Steps 10 

Add the most popular png, type your name in it and then export the video.

With this, your Wave Wrap will be ready to become a Birthday Video.

Conclusion :

So friends today’s our post Wave Wrap Birthday Video Editing I have taught you to edit a new kind of birthday video. Hopefully, you would have liked this article.

All Materials

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