Instagram Viral Name Art Reals Editing

 Instagram Viral Name Art Reals Editing: Guys, right now a Name Art Video is going viral on Instagram. Many of you also want to edit such videos, so today’s post will be very helpful to you. Today I will teach you to edit the same Instagram Viral Reals video through this post. Before proceeding to the post, Let me tell you that the kind of Name Art Video you can create from the Alight Motion Application. So first of all, if you don’t have the Alight Motion Application, install it from the Play Store. 

Steps required to edit Instagram Viral Name Art Video:

  • Alight Motion Application 
  • Particles Video 
  • Indian Font Converter 
  • Flute Png 

Instagram Viral Name Art Reals Editing

Steps 1 

Open the Alight Motion Application on your phone, then select any one ratio and open New Project. 

Steps 2 

Click on the “+” icon and go to the text option and type the name of whichever name you want to make the video. 

Steps 3 

Now you have to copy whatever name you have written. Then you have to open the Indian Font Converter Application. 

Steps 4 

Now in this application, you need to click Unicode to AMS Font, then paste the name you copied in the box above. 

Steps 5 

Now click Unicode to AMS Font and click on the button with copy on the box below. Then back from this Application and open Alight Motion Application. 

Steps 6 

Now paste what you copy, then select any stylish Hindi font. 

Steps 7 

Now set the font size, select white color. Then add Flute Png by clicking on the “+” icon. 

Steps 8 

Now set Flute Png to 12 seconds, then go to effect option and select the Drawing Progress effect, now go to Effect and set the End to 100 pay, then go to the start position of Flute Flute Png and go to the Start Progress option of Drawing Progress and set it to 31. 


Steps 9 

Now click on the layer with the name and set it to 2 seconds, add Drawing Progress Effect to this layer as well. Now set End to 0.0 by staying in the Start position in the effect in this layer. Then go to the last position and 100. 

Steps 10 

Now add the second part of Flute Png to this project. Set this Png from where the layer with the name is perfected. Then set the Effect in png that was first set in This Png. 

Steps 11 

Now add particles video to this project. Click in the video layer, then click Blending Opacity Pay and go to Lighten, and set up the Screen. 

Steps 12 

Now add songs to this project. Then export the video. 

Conclusion :

So friends if you also like to make Viral name Art videos on Instagram, you must read this post so that you will be able to edit the video. Hope you would have liked our post today. 

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