How To Make Message Box Lyrics Status


How To Make Message Box Lyrics Status: Right now a video on Instagram is running very viral. Whatever is like this, there are boxes like Message Box and Background contains photos of Couple. At the same time, singing is going on in the message. This video is also being liked by a lot of people, and people want to make it with their photos as well. So if you are also among the people who have to make these videos, you are reading the perfect article.
In this article today, I am going to tell the full demo of how to create the same Message Box Lyrics Status through steps. So let’s start today’s post of How To Make Message Box Lyrics status. Friends, it is very easy to make this status video, but you read all the steps mentioned in this article carefully, as well as follow. So that you have no difficulty in making videos.

How To Make Message Box Lyrics Status

So first of all, you will need some of its materials to create message Box Lyrics Status, which are as follows.
Steps required to create a Message Lyrics Box Status:
  • Message Box Background Image
  • Notification Bar Image
  • Particles Video
  • Lyrics Video
Steps 1
Friends here I’m going to teach you how to make a video from Kinemaster, so open Kinemaster on your mobile in the Full-Screen Ratio project.
Steps 2 
Now add a Black Background image to this Empty project by clicking the Media button, length this image to 30 seconds.
Steps 3
You will now add the Message Box Background image to this project. It Will then be set in full screen.
Steps 4
Now you have to import your image into this project and set it by cropping with the size of the Message Box.
Steps 5
In the Layer option, add Vignette Effect by clicking on the Effect button and set the photo pay. Now in Vignette’s settings, do Strength 36, softness 54.
Steps 6 
Now import the Notification bar image in this project, set it in Message Box.
Steps 7
In this project, the Particles will add the video, select the screen effect in the blending option from the right side after the video is added. Now set the video of the part in the project.
Steps 8
Now the turn is to import Lyrics which are the main part of this video. So you have to import the Black Screen video with song lyrics into this project. After importing the video, you will click on the Blending option in the Right Side option and select the screen effect.
Steps 9 
Now you have become your status video. You need to play once you see a preview whether your videos are perfect or not. If your video has become perfect, export the video.
Now you share this video with your friends.
Conclusion :
So friends can easily create Message Box Lyrics Status that’s going viral on Instagram with the steps mentioned above
All Materials 
You Can Use This Materials For Practice Purposes only for this Tutorial
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