Fire Frame Birthday Video Editing


Fire Frame Birthday Video Editing: So guys I’ve come and took a post of an excellent Birthday Video Editing. In this post, I will teach you to edit the Birthday Video with Fire Frame. usually, We like to edit the Birthday Video for our friends. So today I will teach you how to make a very fresh Birthday Video that you have not seen anywhere before. 

So, let’s start today’s post by not taking much time now. You’ll need Kinemaster Application to edit Fire Frame Birthday Video. Install Kinemaster Application from Play Store.

Steps required for Fire Frame Birthday Video Editing:

  • Fire Frame Video
  • Particles Video
  • Happy Bday Black Screen
  • Birthday Wish Png
  • Green Screen Video
  • Light Effect Png

Fire Frame Birthday Video Editing

Steps 1 

Open Kinemaster to your mobile phone and open the 1: 1 ratio project.

Steps 2

Now import some photos into the project, set all photos according to the Screen ratio.

Steps 3 

Now you’ll find the “+” icon between the two images in the image you’ve added, clicking the “+” icon that will give you a lot of Transition Effect.

Steps 4

Now you have to add Winters’ Splash Transition in all photos. Then add Particles Video to this project. Export this Video project after you add Particles Video.

Steps 5

Now open a new 1: 1 project, import the Fire Frame video into this project.

Steps 6 

After you add the Fire Frame, you need to add green Screen videos to this project. After you add the Green Screen video, take the Chroma Key to enable this video layer.

Steps 7 

Now import the video you first exported to this project. Set this video where the green screen is open, then sent it to back this video layer.

Steps 8 

Add Happy Bday Black Screen to this project, add Screen Effect with blending option.

Steps 9

Now set the Birthday Wish Png add to the bottom in this project, then add Light Effect Png and set the back of the Green Screen.

Steps 10

Now add any one song and then export the video.

Conclusion :

So friends today’s post Fire Frame Birthday Video Editing I have taught you the very best video editing, hoping you would have liked this article.

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