Birthday Frame Video Editing Kinemaster

Birthday Frame Video Editing Kinemaster: How are you guys? Hopefully, you will all be good. Friends in today’s article, I will teach you to edit a Birthday Frame Video. By eating this post today, I have come to those who do not do most video editing. So if you don’t have much video editing experience, still want to edit a Birthday Video for a friend or relative, this post is going to help you a lot.
Friends in this article I will teach you to edit a very easy Birthday Video. So that you will have no problem even if you have never had video editing before. So let’s talk about today’s topic now.
Steps and Materials For Birthday Frame Video Editing :
  • Kinemaster Application
  • Birthday Frame
  • Baloon Image

Birthday Frame Video Editing Kinemaster

Steps 1 
Open the Kinemaster Application to your phone and select the 1: 1 ratio.
Steps 2 
Now add some photos of your friend to the project.
Steps 3 
Now you’re going to add clip graphics to all photos. Click On Photo Layer to add Clip Graphics Click in Clip Graphics in the Left side option.
Steps 4 
Now you’ll see a lot of Clip Graphics here, select Memories Album Clip Graphics. Also, add the same effect to all photos. Then export the video.
Steps 5 
Now come out of this project and select a 16: 9 ratio. Add any background to this project, then take this background to the next second of the first video export.
Steps 6 
Now add a birthday frame to this project, now set this frame in full screen, and drag it forward in the entire video.
Steps 7
Now click on the frame layer. Enable Chroma Key with the right side Chroma Key option, select key Color Green.
Steps 8 
Now add the video that was first exported to this project. After you add the video, set the video to the green color of the frame. After setting the video, click on the video layer and make this video Sent to Back with the left side three dots option.
Steps 9 
Now import a cake photo of whoever you are creating a Birthday video into this project by removing the background. After importing the photo, set the photo equal to the frame and make its opacity 50%.
Steps 10 
Now add the Baloon image to this project. After you add the Baloon image, click on the layer of both the images one by turn enable the Chroma Key of both the images, select Key Color Black then adjust slightly.
Steps 11
Now go to the text option and write Happy Birthday, as well as some wish. After doing so, add a song and then export the video.
(Before exporting the video, you must see the preview of the video is the video created properly or Not.)
Conclusion :
So friends in this article today, I have taught you to edit a very simple video. So with the help of our Birthday Frame Video Editing Kinemaster, we will be able to make videos for your friend even if you don’t have video editing at all.
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