What Is YouTube Short ?


What Is YouTube Short?: Since YouTube short has been launched, everyone has a lot of questions in mind. Like how to create a YouTube short video? Video being monetize or not? Can you use a song or not? Will the Watchtime count of short video not? Many such questions are going on in everyone’s mind.
So today I will try to answer all your questions with the help of this article. Also, YouTube shorts will give full information in this article. So if you are also confused with YouTube short, read this post.

What Is YouTube Short?

What Is YouTube Short?
So first we know what YouTube Shorts are? So since TicTok has been ban in India, YouTube wanted to launch its Shorts feature in India. Well, YouTube Shorts also works just like TikTok. You can upload short verticle videos for up to 1 minute. You can also create short videos by typing #short in vertical videos from any of your 1 minutes.
How does YouTube Short work?
So now we understand how YouTube shorts work? So YouTube Shorts works in two ways. The first way is to see a separate Shorts option in the YouTube application in which you can see YouTube Short by swipe up. Another way is that if you have uploaded short videos on your channel, someone can come to your channel and watch that video from the channel page as well. You’re currently going to see YouTube Short in both these ways. YouTube may also be able to separate it in the future.
How to create a YouTube Short video?
Friends, here you get a short option in the YouTube application you can also make a video by clicking it directly or uploading a video up to 1 minute to #short. You can also put a thumbnail along with its Title, Description, Tag.
YouTube Short Monetization Policy :
Now many people are confused about whether YouTube short can monetize or not? Can it make money? So if someone is looking at the video you uploaded in the swipe up tab, you can’t get any kind of Ads from there, so you can’t get the money from there, but if you see the video you’ve uploaded like a video, like from your channel page or Feature Browse, you can earn money. So in a way you can say that YouTube Shorts are monetized and don’t be. But YouTube says you can’t monetize YouTube Shorts.
can you use the song?
So when you upload videos from your camera with short options, there are as many songs as the music option you get. You can use it and you will not get any Copyright Claim. But if you use another song or upload a video from your file with a song, you can get a copyright claim of that song.
Whatchtime count of short video will not?
So the answer to this question is where YouTube is completely clear in its Policy, the Watchtime count of short videos will not be counted. But the subscribers from this video will definitely count.
Conclusion :
So friends hope you’ve got answers to all the questions you had in this post, so you’ll have liked our post today.
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