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How To Upload Video On YouTube: 2021 has started. In today’s time, people are moving towards making money online. Now when it comes to making money online, most of them are drawn to YouTube. Because people are earning lakhs of rupees from YouTube. So if you also want to make money online in 2021, you must also try your luck with YouTube.
So if you also want to wish you some money from YouTube, first you need to know what you are going to make money on YouTube? So guys you have to complete 1000 subscribers in the last 365 days as well as 4000 hours of watch time to earn money from YouTube, then you can earn money from YouTube. But before that, you have to create your own channel. Creating channels is no big you can easily create a channel with youTube pay just add your Gmail Id.
Now the most important thing is uploading the video. You’ll need to upload videos to succeed from YouTube. You can earn money from YouTube only if you have to upload regular videos. You need to upload the video correctly to succeed on YouTube. YouTube’s algorithm is something that if you upload the video correctly, they start to rank quickly and also increase the chance of going viral.
So today’s post will tell you how to upload videos on YouTube through How To Upload Video on YouTube. 

How To Upload Video On YouTube

After you upload the video before you upload the video on YouTube, you have to give the title of the video, write a description about a little video, insert the related tag of the video. So, how do you put it all in detail?
  • First, you can also upload videos from your YouTube application or use the Chrome browser to upload videos on YouTube.
I would recommend the Chrome browser because it will make it easier for you to write a Description.
  • First, open the Chrome Browser in desktop size.
  • Now you have to get Login To your channel.
  • Now here you will get the option to upload the video and click it. Then select the video you want to upload from your gallery. Your video will start uploading as soon as you select the video.
  • Now as long as the video is being uploaded, you have to add titles, descriptions, tags.
  • First, you have to write the title of the video. While writing a title, you always have to write a title that is related to your video and write what people are searching for.
  • After writing the title you have to write your description. So let’s get into the description box. Now first of all you have to write the title of the video. Then you have to write something about yourself, tell us a little about your video what you have said in the video. Then you have to give links to some of your social media so that someone wants to contact you and it also makes your channel professional. Then you also have to add some hashtags associated with your video.
  • After writing the video description you have to add the video recording date. Then you have to add the tag associated with your video. Before you add Tag, you also need to tell YouTube whether your videos are Made for Kids. If you get the option, if you make a video for the children, you have to yes, if not, click no.
  • Then you can add some tags related to the video. Then click next. Now if your channel is new, there will be no monetization option. This option will be available after you have monetization.
  • You will then get the option of Video Element. Here, if you want to add other videos to the End Screen, or the I button here. Here you must add your other videos so that you can also get other videos from this video.
  • Then you have to click on the Next button again. Now here you have to publish the video.
Conclusion :
So that’s how you can upload and publish your videos on YouTube. If you also follow the way you are mentioned in this post, your channel may also grow quickly.
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