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Hello, friends, my name is Ajay and all of you are welcome on our blog and today’s post Typing Lyrics Video Editing I will give you information about how to make Typing Lyrics Video viral on Instagram. Friends, this video is still very trendy and if you also want to edit similar videos, today’s posts are for you. So follow all the steps below to edit the video you will be able to edit such videos very easily. 

Application and steps required to edit Typing Lyrics Video:

  • Kinemaster Application 
  • Particles Video 
  • Blue Shadow Png Image 
  • Weather And Time Png Image 
  • Text Png Image 

Typing Lyrics video Editing Step By Step 

Steps 1 

Open Kinemaster Application on your mobile and select a New Project with 9:16. 

Steps 2 

Add the background with the media option and make a double second long video layer from the second video you want to edit, suppose you have to make a 15-second video, keep the background layer for 30 seconds and then add the image to the project and mix the image layer with the background.

Steps 3 

Click on the image layer and select the Drifting effect in overall Animation on the right side option and export the video.

Steps 4 

After the video is exported, back and open another 9:16 new project and add the same video that you just exported to this project and click on the video layer and vignette on this layer on the right side. 

Steps 5 

If you see the Speed option above the vignette, go to the speed option and speed the video to 0.5. 


Steps 6 

Add the Blue Shadow Png image and set it in Full Frame and then add the weather and Time image and tap on this layer to crop the image only with the right Side cropping option and crop it up and set it upwards. Then select the screen effect in the Right Side Blending option.


Steps 7 

Duplicate the image layer with Weather and Time and go to the cropping option again and this time crop the image from the top and set it slightly down. 

Steps 8 

Add the Text Png image and set it down in the frame. 

Steps 9 

Add Particles Video and select the screen effect in Blending by scrolling the Right Side option by setting the video full screen. 

Steps 10

Now finally add Typing Lyrics Video black screen and set these lyrics slightly below the time image and also affect the screen in Blending Option. 

Now export the video. 

Conclusion :

So friends similarly you can edit Typing Lyrics Video very easily from Kinemaster to Instagram right now, hoping you’ll like this article of mine today.


Thank You

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