Neon Light Attitude Avee Player Template


Neon Light Attitude Avee Player Template: Welcome friends in our new post and friends today I will teach you to make a very amazing Neon Light Attitude Video through this post. Friends today will teach you how to make videos by Template Edit in Avee Player. Although this template is fully editable, you have to edit your image and add some basic settings that I have told you below steps by steps, follow all these steps.

Application and steps required to edit the video:


  • Avee Player
  • Pixallab
  • Template

Neon Light Attitude Avee Player Template 

Steps 1

If you need to edit some images before editing Avee Player Template, open the Pixallab application to edit the image.

Steps 2

Now you have to create three images here like Bad, Boy, and Attitude you have to create three text images in such a way that you have to create three images, first, click on the new text and write the word whatever you want to create the first image and select the text color Black and go to text editing and make the stock size 4 and click on the background boy background Save the image of the color transparent.


Steps 3

Just as you created the first image, make two more images.

Steps 4

The three images that you have created after the image are created will also have to be created as you process the image and keep the text size the same and this time you have to keep the Text color transparent and keep the stock color light blue and save the image.

Steps 5

Now you need to edit your image and remove the background of the image before editing the image, which you can also do with the eraser of pixallab and also from the Remove Bg website. To remove the background from the ease and then add the background image I gave you to Pixallab and select Image Size 16: 9.

Steps 6 

Now add your image to Pixallab and set the right side and save the image.

Steps 7

Then now delete the background image from here and transfer the main background and go to the editing option and black the color and keep the size 4 by enable the stroke and save the image by selecting the stock color light blue.

Now that image editing is done, close pixallab and open Avee Player, and load the Template.

Steps 8 

After the template is loaded, first add the image that was created with black color with text. Then click the pencil icon to add and add the first text image in image 1 in Composition 1 and the second and third text images in images 2 and 3.

Steps 9

Add a stroke image now after you add a text image. Add the image created to add a stroke image to images 1b, 2b, and 3b in Composition 1 in Template.

Steps 10 

Add the image you saved to the first image in the Template with the background you saved, and add the image that was saved in the transparent background to image 4b in Composition 1.

Now select the song you want to make a video and export the video.

Conclusion :

Friends, Avee Player is a Music Player, but you can also create your own Templates in which you can also add very great parts and bars and edit your videos, hoping you would have liked my post today.

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