Happy Birthday Avee Player Template

Happy Birthday Avee Player Template: Welcome friends to all of you on our blog and in today’s post I take you all for a very wonderful Happy Birthday Avee Player Template. Friends in today’s post, I will inform you about how you can make a birthday video from Avee Player.

Although Avee Player has a lot of ready templates, it’s not as attractive as you have to customize those templates. So I’ve given you hereby customizing a Template that will make the Birthday video very easily, just you have to do some settings that are mentioned step by step below. 

Application and Steps required for Birthday Template:

  • Pixallab Application 
  • Avee Player Application
  • Birthday Template 

Happy Birthday Avee Player Template

Steps 1 

Before you create a Birthday Video, you’ll need to create a png image of the date your birthday is coming and open the pixallab Application to create Png. 

Steps 2 

Click twice above New Text and type Date and then type the month name by adding New Text and then save the image by transparency the background by clicking on the background option.

Steps 3 

Now remove one of the images from the Background Remove bg website with two different images of your friend or relative or whoever you want to edit Birthday Video. 

Steps 4 

Load the Template into Avee player

Steps 5 

After loading the Template into Avee player, click on the pencil icon on the top. 



Steps 6 

The left side page will open as soon as you click on the pencil icon, from which you need to click on the image above Blure Effect and scroll down to the image’s general pay and scroll down to 0.500, and screen in Mask Mode. 


Steps 7 

Now click on the image above the previous Blure Effect and go to the image option and go to Custom Image and add the image that removed the background from Pic Image to the template. 

Steps 8 

Click the Back button to go to the image above this image and untick the three boxes by clicking Generated Album Art Pay. 

Steps 9 

Add another image to the Template by clicking Your Image. 

Steps 10 

First, make Visible On in the general of Blure Effect and set Position 0.500. 

Steps 11 

Add the image you created from Pixallab by going to the Date image in Composition 1. 

So friends will be ready with this Happy Birthday Avee Player Template and export the video by clicking on the save icon to export the video by setting Video Width 720 and Video Height 1280. 

Conclusion :

So guys that’s how you edit a very engaging video by customizing the Template in Avee Player Application.


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