Beautifull Video Editing In Kinemaster

Beautifull Video Editing In Kinemaster: Friends welcome all of you in our post of another new Kinemaster Video Editing. Friends today I will teach you to edit a very beautiful video. So you need to follow all the steps below to edit the video.

Materials needed to edit videos: 

  • Kinemaster Application
  • Black Screen Video
  • Background image

Well then guys you can edit a lot of videos from Kinemaster Application but The editing I tell today is very easy and beautiful video editing. So don’t spoil your time and start today’s post.

Beautiful Video Editing In Kinemaster

Steps 1

First, you have to open the kinemaster and because our background image is landscape, you have to select a 16:9 ratio. And select any background and make a 30-second project.

Steps 2

Now you’ll need a background image and black screen video here that you’ll find in the last of this post.

Steps 3

Now add black screen videos to the kinemaster and add the video to the full-frame by the full screen.

Steps 4

Now you have to blend the video, then click on the right side on the blending option to blend and select the screen. 

Steps 5

Add the image you want to create a video in the project.

Steps 6

After adding the image, make as many seconds of video as you want to make and go to the left side with the 3 dots option, and put the image back from Sent To Back option.

Steps 7

Set the image properly on the black screen.

Steps 8

Your video is ready now add the song you want to make a video on, click on the Audio option to add the song and add the song, and export the video.


So guys likewise you can edit a very sniffer video very easily kinemaster. If you have made a video from the above-mentioned diet, you must make a comment and if you have any difficulty in editing the video, you must tell me the comments.

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