Round Shape Video Editing In Kinemaster

Round Shape Video Editing In Kinemaster: Welcome friends to all of you on our blog and today I will inform you how to make videos from the Kinemaster and Resso Application through this post. 


Application and staps required to edit videos:


  • Kinemaster Application 
  • Resso Application 
  • Pixallab Application 


Round Shape Video Editing In Kinemaster


Steps 1

First, you can use the Chrome browser as you first have to open the browser you use. After you open the browser, you have to search the Remove Bg website in the search bar and open the website first.   


Steps 2

Now you will get the upload image button here you have to upload your image now as the image will upload the background of your image will be removed and the image save option will be saved from the image.


Steps 3

After downloading the image, close the Chrome browser and open Pixallab and keep the image size at 1280:720 and select any background color to add the image created from the image remove bg. 


Steps 4

Click on the background and go to the shape option and add circle shape and set this shape to your image and go back to the editing option and then save the image. 


Steps 5

Now you have to open the Resso Application and keep your data on because this application plays online song now you’ll get the option of the right side pay add-on by going to the song you want to create the songs and add the black image. 


Steps 6

After adding a black vibe, play the part of the song you need and record the screen when the Lyrics come.


Steps 7

Now open the Kinemaster Application and select the image you saved from Pixallab and export the video by creating a 30-second video on the ad… 


Steps 8

Open another new project in kinemaster and select any one background in the background and add the same video of the video now and make the video full screen and enable the chroma key on the right side and select the key color green. 


Steps 9

Now add any other image and back the image by clicking on the 3 dots option on the left side and set the background and give the round animation by clicking on the key animation on the left side.


Steps 10 

Add the video you’ve created by recording the screen and then export the video.




So friends with the steps above you can easily create beautiful videos from Kinemaster, hoping you would have liked my post.


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